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4 reasons why you must own a stipple brush


4 reasons why

you must own a stipple brush

We all own of course a beauty blender which we use daily.
And if you are a bit of a beauty-nista you own a flat foundation brush as well.

And if you are really a insta-glam queens you own the oval spoon brushes as well
(I use them on a daily basis for contouring ) .
But … if you are really really  a beauty en make up lover, and your all for the

#IWokeUpLikeThis looks, then you MUST own a stipple brush.


Let me tell you girlfriend….

1) Airbrush effect.

A stippling brush gives you an airbrushed effect.
You also have good control of pressure and coverage with a stippling brush.

By not using much pressure, you get a softer effect. But add more pressure and you will get more coverage.
Stippling brushes are great for building up coverage by applying multiple layers.
But this baby makes sure your skin doesn’t look cakey.

Tip: A stippling brush makes a great self tanning tool

ZOEVA 124 Grand Stippling brush


Try it why ...

This amazing Natasha Denona Body Glow in 01 Light #champage

2) One brush for all

For foundations it is the ideal building friend and  BB & CC cream love the see him.
Also for cream blushes it is perfect to apply in control of the product and to blend like a pro.

Tip : Forget your fingers and use a stippling brush to buff in your day cream and primers.

Try it why ...

The inexpensive,yet amazing HD BB cream from  L.A Girl .

3) Highlight

A cream highlighter or illuminator makes your skin glow. But by using a beauty blender  you might blend to much and lose some of the glow.
With a stippling brush you can really accentuate your highlight.


Tip : Spray your brush first with a settings sprayso it becomes moist.
If you apply your highlighter now ,you will achieve a  glow for the heavens!



4) Face oil

I am a big fan of face oils and use them day and night.
Especially in combination with foundation it gives your skin a healthy fresh glow.


You can either mix your face oil with foundation and  apply this with a stippling brush for a Hollywood glow.
Or… after applying your full make up ,use 2 drops of face oil on your stippling brush and softly blend this into the apples of the cheek and your cheekbones.

Result : The Ultimate healthy glow

Docolor Kabuki Foundation Stipple Makeup Brush


So do your sell a favor and make sure a stippling brush is part of your make up collection. #BeFlawless


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