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Today I’m Sharing some of my Favorite Apps For Creating amazing Epic Instagram Stories.

Be inspired and start creating amazing epic stories with the 5 following apps.

Clean and minimalist

Perfect for cohesive branding.

If you like minimalistic , this is the app for you. it has functional templates to be used for Instagram Stories.

You can also save your Instagram Stories to use later, preview what your content will look like before it goes live, or export the file as a single image to use as shareable content in your feed .It can be used for Facebook and Snapchat too.

Unfold is available for free from the app store.


– Image by Refinery

– Image by APKpure

Adobe Spark Post makes it super easy to create graphics and designs in a snap. This apps has thousands of Instagram Stories templates to choose from. It also has amazing design elements include freestock photos, filters, and fonts to help you create customized Instagram Stories that will align perfectly with your brand.

You can create a new layout, color palette, typography style, and filter. Once your desing is completed, you can directly share it to Instagram.

Cinenagraphic creates content similar to a boomerang in that it functions on a loop. It’s amazing.

You start off with a perfectly still video footage and the app allows you to manipulate certain aspects of that video individually. 

–You can create some really interesting effects using Cinemagraph, like the illusion that the wall behind you is melting. Or you can create movement in the image of a woman’s long hair.

Cinemagraphic offers a free trials monthly plans starts at €8.33 . There is also a desktop version available which will cost you a little more.

Insta stories is all about having fun. You see a lot of stories that use paintbrushes and stickers overlapping photos and videos

Design kit has  stylized brushes, markers, and pencils and gives you the freedom to draw right on top of images to really make your Instagram Stories personalized.

You can also resize sketches and change their color after they’re made. Even better, the appalso offers grid planning and batch editing, making this app a social media marketers dream. Yaaaas ! 

A Design Kit is free. You’ll get 20 free tools to start upon download.  With in-app purchases, there are over 100 filters and 40 moveable effects. Plus, save custom templates you make based on your previous creations.

The 1967 app gives you that old school vintage look.  Relive the 60’s era with amazing filters (HD style). Upload photos into 1967 or take photos right through the app. Crop your photo how you’d like and add one of eleven vintage filters, just like you would on Instagram.You can adjust the filter simply by sliding your finger vertically.

The 1967 is free fro the app store. You’ll get eleven filters just for downloading. Within the app you’ll have the option to get another 53 more for $0.99.

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