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Contour 101 : 9 Tips for the perfect contour like a Kardashian


Contour 101

Contour 101

A good Contour is like a diet for the face and lets us glow like we are a Kardashian. So how do you get the perfect contour?

A basic need

I think we all can agree that contouring should be added to the international fundamental laws of being a woman. 

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How Not To

Discover 9 tips on how not to contour. Because even though contouring isn’t that hard, it is essential that you know what not to do, so you can do it right!

9 Tips for the perfect contour

1. Using a color that is too dark

The whole idea of contouring is to accentuate light and work with shadows.

The ideal contour color is 1 to 2 tints darker then your natural skin color. This way you get a natural look and avoid hard lines. 

I love Too faced Cocoa Palette.
It’s a classic.

2. Using a color that is too warm

Choose colors that has a cold undertone. You want to replicate the natural shadow. Opt for colors with a grayish undertone.

Use a bronzer on the highest part of your cheeks and go down into a cool not shining contour color for a soft ombre effect. This way you have the warmth and the contour.

3. Contouring with a shiny glowing bronzer

Don’t get me wrong I love bronzer but not with for a contour. Go for a matte color. Get your face glowing with highlighter on the highest point on your cheeks, But to get the perfect Kim K contour you need matte.

I love the classic M.A.C taupe. officially it is a blush but unofficially it is a contouring powder.

4. Using the wrong brush

” Every artist has it’s tool.’
For the perfect contour  you don’t need magic but you do need some magic tools. The best is a medium angled brush.Not too full with hairs though.  brush. Niet te vol .

This way you use less powder ( and waste of product)and you get a softer natural look. If you really wanna go PRO, you need the NARS Kabuki brush. It is the Rolls Royce of contouring.

Tip : Are you on a budget ?
Bobby pins are your best friend. 

Take you favorite contour brush and the end of the hairs. Add the bobby pins to keep them together and voila, a Nars kabuki on a budget.


5. Not blending enough

There should be a fine for this crime.Blend , blend, blend until your beauty blender alls apart. Nothing is as horrible as harsh lines that are not blended.

Time extra time for the nose contour and for blending the shadows completely in to your face.

Girl what

6. Not using a clean brush

Use two different types for applying and blending. This way you also have more control over the amount you are applying and you avoid a creasy look because of too much product. 

7. Not enough light.

A lot of time when you are applying your make up in your the bathroom or even worse on the go, you don’t have even have a clue how it really looks.


No that happens when you are outside. In Public. On your way to an important appointment. Or date….

The best you can do, when you don’t  have the greatest lighting is go a tint lighter then you usually would.  And make a flash selfie before heading out to really be double sure !

8. Not knowing your face shape

Where you apply contour is unique to each face. You really have to look at your face and work with your unique  faces shape.

Look at your natural highlight spot and your bone structure and work with what you your mama gave you!

Image By Loreal Paris

Know when.

Have a balance between day and night contour. Go full out with creams, powders, bronzers and highlighter at night. But you might wanna go easy at school or work. Unless you are PRO,then go and be wild!

Be inspired with one of  my favorite Make up Artists Samer Khouzami .

Be glam !


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