”Cubanita” Essence goes Cuba

Essence goes to Cuba.
This coming trend edition is inspired by the colorful Cuba.

The caddilacs,colorful vibes, salsa dances, in other words exotic.

The limited edition contains of :
-brow ink
-eyegel liners
-lip laquer
-banana powder
-make up bag

Lets break them down…


There are 4 different color nail polish available with high shine and high coverage.
-do you hear la musica
-kisses from havana
-bienvenida a palm beach
-hola guapa



#Do You Hear La Musica? is a soft pink pastel.

#01 Kisses from Havana

#Kisses from Havana is a flamingo pink and gorgeous!

#04 -Bienvenida A Palm Beach



#Bienvenida a palm beach is a soft beautiful blue that reminds you of the ocean.

#02 Hola Guapa! 



#Hola Guapa is a purple/pink.


Highlighter #Mi Corazon

This highlighter not only gives an envious glow, it has a soft exotic scent that smell like cocos.




Tip : Apply this highlighter in your inner eyes and on your cupid’s bow.
It brightens your eyes and gives it a fresh open look, your lips will look much more voluminous.


Brow Ink #Carribean Brow


Use this brow ink in combination with the Ibuena vista brow brush.
Place small stripes that simulate bro hairs for a natural look..

1 layer for blondes and 2 layers forbrunettes.

Brow Brush #Ibuena Vista Baby

Gel eyeliners

The gel liners are metallic & waterproof.






#Ibuena vista baby

Tip: Don”t forget to apply to your under lids for a more defined look.
Use both colors together for a fun color block high fashion look!

Baking Poeder  #Livin’La Vida Banana

Tip: Apply this under your eyes and let this bake for a minimum of 5 minutes.
With the powder sponge you can beat your face to set your entire make up.

Lip Balm #Bienvenida a Palm Beach






This lip balm gives the lips a soft pink color which looks super natural.
All while it takes care of the lips.


Lip Laquers

These lipliquers have a wet look.
They are Super glossy and high coverage.

#01 Kisses from Havana




#02 Hola Quapa





Make up bag #Livin’La Vida Banana Cubana

How cute is this canvas cosmetic bag to keep all of your favorite make up ?!


The Cubanita Limited Edition will be available in stores from July till August.
I definitely want them all !

#Cuban vibes baby.



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