5 things you are being lied to about make up

10 things you are being lied to about make up

and it stops now 

Lie no. 1

Your concealer should be lighter than your skin tone

Choose a tone that matches your skin exactly so the concealer blends seamlessly into the rest of your skin. Heck use a darker on to contour or go realy really light to beat a Kardashian highlight into your skin. There are no rules (except blend blend blend!)

Lie no. 2

Makeup myth: Always line your lips before applying lipstick

Pre-Jenner >>  liner is supposed to create definition around your lips and keep your lipstick from feathering. Unfortunately, the liner, which tends to outlast the lipcolor, can leave a ring around your lips once the lipstick wears off. Not Cute .

First apply your lipstick, then use your liner to define the outside rim of your lips. This  not only give you the illusion of fuller lips it also helps prevent smudging. 

Lie no. 3

Pumping your mascara wand helps spread the product

Do not pump your mascara wand into its tube! You may think this  helps to get more mascara on the wand—or distributes it evenly across the length of the wand, but the pumping action just pushes air into the tube, which dries out your mascara faster. It also gives life to bacterias. No No 

Lie no. 4

Apply concealer before foundation

 Apply foundation all over first; then apply concealer.First of all, you may not need as much conealer as you think.Second of of  all  so this technique will look much more natural and flawless.

Lie no. 5

Dust your whole face with bronzer to look tan

Bad idea, unless you want to look like a Barbie doll who swapped heads with a friend. Thing is, when you apply bronzer onto your entire face t gives you an orange mask. For a more natural, believable glow, just dust bronzer over the areas of the face that the sun would naturally hit, like the bridge of the nose, forehead, cheeks, and chin.

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