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To Inspire

Inspiring others means being a part of their inner growth.
Thats my mission.

To Inspire you with beauty

About me

” I want to inspire young woman and girls and let them know that they can achieve absolutely anything and everything. Even if nobody believes in them, I do.

Self confidence is so important  wheter it is in the world of fashion,beauty of whatever industry is close to your heart.

If I had support like that when I was much younger, I would of pursued my dreams a long time ago !”

the vision

Sharing beauty secrets,tips,looks and products is part of the fun.
On www.beautybysara.nl you can always rely for all things beauty.
In lifestyle,beauty,fashion & travel.

A place full of inspiration, tutorials and inside tips so every woman can get the best out of herself.

 It’s your sis from another miss.

''Sharing beauty secrets,tips, looks and products is part of the fun''.


About me

Well I really really love beauty an nice things.
I guess you can say i’m a self claimed M.U.A (or I am just really good in hoarding beauty products and painting make up ) and beauty addict.
Its in my blood!

In 2010 I started with my fashion blog ”Absolutely fabulous” (I was inspired by watching marathons of gossip girl) and after working a while for Sephora (come back to Holland please!)  as a Beauty Advicer, I knew I was destined for the world of Beauty ( Read: no more feeling bad of buying more make up then groceries)


In 2015 I decided to starting pursuing my glam vision life a.k.a sharing my passion & love for ”all things beauty ‘ on my blog .

”SKY is the limit and the best thing you can do for yourself, is to do something your are really passionate about!
That is a satisfaction money can’t buy !’

In other words just a girl who loves beauty and want to share & inspire other 🙂
Oh and did I mention I love make up ?

About my beauty

Be happy with who you are and stop being so hard on yourself.

Live life to your own beat with your own rules. Only then you get  the ultimate glow (and by drinking lots of water duh).

Having the freedom to spend your time doing things you are passionate about and love.

Appreciate the small things and start each day fresh and positive. Work hard on your dreams until they are a reality.

Kim K with her natural -so-not-natural glam and Huda Kattan for her glam reallness and bosbabe vibes.

Two woman who work there buts off (while taking good care of it) and build amazing empire. Oh and their hair is amazing.

We get so worried about being pretty. Let's be pretty funny, pretty smart and pretty strong''.

Nears Laguna and Do the hoola by Benefit.

I love a good bronzer although I love the natural sun even more!

I also really like L’oreal glamglow and the Balm – Bahama mama. 

I have been into korean routines lately mixed with the I-just -don’t -have -the -energy -to -do -it -all-so-I-skip-a-few-steps.

I also frequently use face sheet masks,a skin roller and I am really into massaging my skin with my favorite oil >> L’oreal extraordinary face oil.

I should do a post on this though…

Blend all day, every day. Isn’t this the most amazing tool for a flawless blend?!


Also I can’t live without my eyelash curler. I never use mascara without curling my lashes first.

I am not perfect and I don't care to be. I do my best being the best version of myself and that is more then enought''

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Share your own experiences with all of my posts. Have a question? Wanna read about a topic?

Whether it is about what curling iron to use or how to get the perfect smokey eye. Or maybe your in need of to boss babe motivation inspo. Let me know and I got you girl!

Beautybysara is not just mine, it is also yours!

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