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there is nothing like a diy

Do it yourself

Bring out your creative side with a good DIY.

Here are 3 reasons why DIY rock:

  • Creative>> Your train your mind to be more creative and resourceful. (comes in handy when life is trowing you lemons).
  • Unique >> Proudly declare : I made that.
  • Smart >. It can safe you money which in return can help you spend you more money See you are good to the economy!

Warning :

  • Be prepared some projects can fail. Which is totally cool because you started from scratch . So dust yourself off and try again!
  • Addicitive : It can become quit addictive and before you know you have tons of stuff laying around in case you feel inspired and wanna do a project.

Tips for a great DIY: 

  • Prepare: Get all  the stuff you need and have it on hand.
  • Commit: It might be time consuming or you need to wait for things to dry or whatever. Just finish it, or you end up with a bunch f half finished DIY projects. 
  • Have fun :  This is time to be creative and to create gorgeous fun stuff. Enjoy !

Create new things''.

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