How to get the perfect faux tan

how to get the perfect tan

The sun makes us look so much happier, healthier and yes slimmer.
But we all know by now that to get the perfect tan, you don’t need the sun.
In fact it is one of the worst things you can do for your skin.

Prevent skin damage and get the perfect glow with a fake tan aka self tanning.
Long over are the days off looking orange and having tan stripes looking like a zebra.
Look bronzed and gorgeous with the following tips to learn how to get the perfect tan!


This is really key to a good faux tan.
Make sure you get a wax./shave prior to tanning.
To this a day before so your skin has the time to calm down.

Exfoliate in the shower to make sure your skin is free of death skincells that can ruin your perfect faux tan.
Exfoliating helps to get the perfect clean soft glowing skin you want.


Make sure your skin is a 100% drafter showering.
Apply a moisturizer to the spots on your body that tend to be dry like your elbows.
I use a light moisturizer all over my body to make sure I get an even nice tan.


Make sure your hands are clean or better yet use latex gloves or a tanning glove.
This way you can make your tan more even and prevent tanning stripes on your hands.

Start applying your tan by beginning at your feet and working your way u to your shoulder.
Make circular motions to get the best result.
The last thing you should do is your hands and arms.

To get a perfect faux glow on your face apply where you’d natural tan.
So your nose,foregead,chick and cheeks.
Then blend outwards from here.

Wait about 10 minutes so everything is really dry and then add talc free baby powder all over.


So you should learned how to get the perfect tan but ow you must maintain!
Avoid showering or intense sweating for the rest of the day. So leave that workout for now girlfriend.
Keeping your skin moisturized will preserve your tan so make sure you apply a moisturizer daily!

A great one is the Ombre Rose L’original body lotion,.
It delivers moisture all day long and really hydrates your skin.
You get silky-smooth and super soft skin.


If you accidentally did get streaks, then make sure you get a lemon.
Rub half of the lemon on the area for about two minutes and then buff away with a damp towel.




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