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life is a party,dress like it


im nicer when

i like my

About fashion

wear what you want

Fashion is all about fun! Make your own rules and stop caring about what everybody else says.

But wait you shouldn’t wear those shoes with this dress. though…Whatever.Do what you want. Wait what, is she really wearing those pants? Oké…Fck it is your life ,do whatever you want!

There are some rules though…

  • Wear black when you have nothing to wear. It never goes out of style.
  • The price doesn’t matter,  it is about the combination.
  • A handbag is the best investment
  • Sunglasses should always be worn, they make you look perfect no matter day, night or in the rain
  • Add something bright: when something is lacking from your appearance. g
  • Mix up your style: Evolve and stop being boring.
  • Confidence is key:  Whatever you wear, rock it with confidence and tand behind your choice. 

Too glam to give a damn''

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