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So with the upcoming launch of her KKW Beauty line, it has been all about Kim Kardashian this week.
We have been keeping a close eye on the KKW beauty instagram page to see any previews or news.

Elle Magazine chatted with Kim about KKW Beauty.

How long have you been keeping KKW Beauty a secret?

Kim:’We have been doing this, or formulating it, for quite a while now. Definitely when Kylie and I launched our lip kit, it was in the works. It’s hard when you know you have something else coming out, so I wrote a little teaser card to everyone saying that I had a surprise coming. I think they thought it was another collab. I don’t think they thought it was my own line, on my own without Kylie. So that was really exciting to everyone’.

The launch of KKW Beauty is tomorrow and features a contour kit and duo blending brush.

ThrowbackIn 2012, Kim Kardashian posted an Instagram photo that inspired countless contouring tutorials.
Make up artist Mario Dedivanovic made it her signature style.


She has been the queen of contouring ever since, so it is only natural she would come out with a bomb ass contour kit.

How do you use the Contour Kit yourself?

Kim:When I’m a little more pale, I wear the medium, and when I’m tan, I wear the dark. I like to mix and match them. I want my nose a little lighter, I want my forehead and my cheeks a little darker. So, it was really important to me to do two different shades of dark within each set.’


How does the line reflect your own beauty philosophy?

Kim:‘I knew that I wanted to do a line that was really representative of the makeup that I wear now which, I think, is a little different than I’ve worn over the years: It’s just a little bit more minimal, about your skin. Especially now that I’m a mom, I don’t have that much time. When I’m not actually getting my makeup done, what do I do? I have my makeup bag—it takes me literally five minutes to do my full makeup and I would always start with contour. Contour has always been my thing.’


it takes me literally five minutes to do my full makeup and I would always start with contour.”

And i’m over here looking for my make up bag for 5 minutes…

Can we stop and appreciate the bronzed vibes for a minute here?

Why have you gone more minimalist with your makeup recently?

Kim:”I think it just happened over time and meeting new stylists and changing my wardrobe. You can’t really have a full stylist and wardrobe makeover and keep the same hair and makeup. I think it was just evolving and realizing I don’t have to wear that much makeup. Especially when you’re on the go, whether you’re a mom, whether you’re just working, whether you’re in school [and] you only have a little bit of time. I know I always wanna be bronze-y and feel a little bit contoured without looking completely overboard. Sometimes I would just use contour sticks and blend it all in and not even wear foundation and just go. It would really make me feel alive and me feel awake, but not having a full face of makeup.”

”I think it was just evolving and realizing I don’t have to wear that much makeup.”

Kylie Cosmetics has blown up–did your sister give you any feedback on KKW Beauty?

Kim:”I think our lines are definitely really different. We talked about it all the time; the products that I have and the products that she has. I’ve seen her work so hard. It’s been so much fun to watch her process. It really is such a long process to get the exact formulas that you want. There’s so much more going into it and I love that I have Kylie, that I could ask for advice all the time.”

What are some beauty looks you like on each of your sisters?

Kim:”Khloé, I learned a lot about highlighting. She loves [highlighting]. No matter what, she’ll always put on highlighter. Even if we’re going to the gym, she’ll have no makeup on, but just a little bit of highlight. It just looks so good and that makes her feel alive. I guess everyone has their one trick or thing that they want to really feel alive or what makes them feel good.”

”No matter what, she’ll always put on highlighter.”

Kim:”Kourtney, she’s always trying different beauty tips and tricks and it’s really fun to see her get really into something and then talk about it and then try to get into something else. It’s really fun to watch her just try so many different beauty products. I think people might not know that about Kourtney. She’s such a beauty product junkie.”

”I think people might not know that about Kourtney. She’s such a beauty product junkie.”

Kim:Kendall always has the best red lip. I love her makeup the most when she does a bronze-y, red lip look. Every time she wears it I always text her like, ‘Yes! It’s back! That’s my favorite look!’.

”Kendall always has the best red lip”

Kim:”Kylie, I mean, she’s just taught me a lot about the beauty industry itself. And she does her makeup so well. She does a really good job.”

Does North like to play with your makeup?

Kim:She loves brighter colors and she wore a purple lipstick on her birthday. She came in the room yesterday with one of Kylie’s blue lip kits from the Fourth of July—all over her entire face. And I was freaking out. She looked like she had chicken pox. She did little dots everywhere, like chicken pox, but covered in blue. And it was just really hard to get off!”


Do you remember what the first beauty product you ever bought was?

Kim:‘Gosh, I was really into Bonne Bell lipstick and lipgloss and I think the color was called Cappuccino, I’m not sure, but it was some Bonne Bell lipstick or lipgloss.”

How old were you?

Kim:”Probably 12!”

The KKW Beauty line is available at (currently sold out)

Read more about KKW Beauty here.


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