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Mind blowing tips for lashes that slay [



If there is one thing that should slay next to your highlighter, it is lashes.
With a full set of lashes you need nothing else to be flawless whenever,wherever.

You might not wanna wear falsies all the time.
And you might wanna take it easy on the lash extensions.

Girl, your own lashes will shine bright with the following tips!


Powder your lashes.

To get super volominous lashes , powder them first before you apply your mascara.
This acts as a primer base and also fattens your lashes.

You can use baby powder for this and use it also between coats.


Don’t wait too long.

When applying your first layer, don’t wait for it too dry completely before you apply a second layer.
When the formula get sticky , apply another layer you add volume.

I usually apply 3 or 4 coats to get full lashes that almost look like falsies.

Curl them all the way up.

Curl your lashes before and after applying mascara. (when they are dry).

Also when you start curling , bend your eye curler all the way up to get super curled lashes.

BH Cosmetics eyelashes curler 

Hold your curler for a few seconds to make the curl last long.


Get to the root.

Give a slight push to the roots of your lashes and then wiggle upwards.
This will give you super volume and a curl.


Bend your wand.

If you usually make a mascara mess, this tip is for you.

Bend your mascara wand so its easier and cleaner to apply.



Charlotte Tilbury -the doll lash eyekit  

This also gives you more grip and control.

Wipe off.

Wipe off your mascara on a tissue to prevent clumps.
Spider lashes filled with lumps are not cute.

Layer it up.

Apply after your mascara, one layer of waterproof mascara for the ultimate hold.
It acts like finishing spray.

Waterproof mascara is great at holding the curl and prevents mascara from smearing out through the day.

Soak it to me.

Soak your mascara in a cup of hot water to soften the formula.
This is also great for mascara that got dried up.
Just make sure you close it really well before soaking.

Double duty.

Make a eyeliner out of your mascara.

Just swipe with a brush over the top of your mascara wand and apply to your lash line.
This will give you the illusion of fuller lashes.


Cover the grey.

This might have nothing to with your lashes, but use your mascara wand to cover up the grey around your hairline.
You can also use the humps for this, so no waste of product!

”Now bat those lashes !”




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