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Must have beauty tool for glowing skin : meet the skinroller


to great skin

Who doesn’t wanna now secrets to get an amazing super skin Instagram hashtags worthy? Duhh.. we all want that.

Allow me to introduce to you with …the skin roller.. You have probably seen them on the gram (and everywhere else) or you might heard talk about it.J But did you exactly used one?

Well I did…. and i’m gonna break it down to you why I love it. Why you NEED it and what the benefits are!  


**I have received the skinroller from Swiss Clinics to try and share my opinion, but this is not a sponsored post. All reviews and opinions in this post are based on my personal opinion.**


The production of collagen is being stimulated with the use of the skin roller . This ensures reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

- Scars

Old scar tissue is broken down. The production of collagen & elastic creates a new healthy radiant skin.


Similar as scars. Prolonged use of the Skin roller can also make striae less visible.

There are many more benefits!

'' I regret taking
such good care
of my skin''

- said no woman ever


This beauty tool has 540 small micro-needles made of Japanese surgical steel. Super safe and hygienic.

By rolling the Derma roller over your skin in different directions, it stimulates the growth of new connective tissue and new skin cells. This ensures that impurities are smoothed and a healthier, smooth skin is created.

The needles open thousands of small channels in the skin, a few minutes after use. Thanks to the micro-channels, the skin will also absorb beauty products such as serum or gel up to 300% more.


  • Reduces fine and deep wrinkles
    (stimulates the growth of collagen and elastin, which creates a new, youthful looking skin)
  • Restores & reduces visible scars
  • Helps pores appear smaller  (stimulates collagen in and around your pores, making them appear smaller and / or closed)
  • Sun damage (the stimulation of collagen also helps against sun damage and reversing)
  • Better absorption of beauty products
     (it greatly improves product absorption)
  • Body & face (the derma roller can also be used in your neck or décolleté)
  • Stretchmarks (breaks down striae tissue and through the collagen growth the skin structure improves)
  • Hair loss (the endothelial growth factor promotes hair growth and  improves the follicle size which results in thicker hair)

Derma rolling is also called Microneedling & Collagen Induced Therapy (CIT).

De review

I was lucky enough to try out a skin roller from Swiss Clinics. Plus point 1: super fast delivery. A day after ordering my package was delivered. You get a track and track number but I did not use it. It gets there when it gets there you know ;-).

About swiss clinics

To be honest, I hadn’t heard of the brand before but I am impressed. First of all the name alone … Swiss Clinics, gives me confidence & quality vibes. I mean all things Swiss are Great right ?! Clinic sounds so well professional 🙂

Then I found out that it was created with the idea that every woman should have access to beauty from home. #loveforwoman

Tools and products that really make a difference to your skin and are affordable. #love

The founders came to the conclusion that the best precision tools come from Switzerland. Nowadays research & development is run from Zurich and marketing from Stockholm.

Swiss clinics has received many beauty awards such as ”the Innovation of the year”. Who does not want a brand like that ?!

Read more about Swiss Clinics International here


Swiss Clinics on Social Media

'' Online shopping gives me a reason to live days


of the skin roller 

Packaging is e-vert-thing with me. I like good packaging and I also judge (just being honest). Life is a present so should we buy, order and receive 🙂


The card

How cute?!
I love quotes and I love cards :-).  A great touch & marketing 101 (for all my boss babes out there…#purplecow).

The box

The skin roller comes in a white cardboard box (white is always good). Inside the box is a nice burgundy red like color paper (love) and the super cute card. I always think soft paper has a luxurious touch.

The skinroller

The skin roller from Swiss Clinics comes in a very nice plastic storage box. I have had skin rollers in the past that were in just a plastic small bag. Not only does it look cheap, it is also not convenient with storage.

Now after using it and cleaning you can now put the roller in the box and let it air dry. It also looks fancy 🙂

The roller itself has a silver look.

Fancy & glam!

Pretty on the eyes.

The micro-needles are made of Japanese surgical steel. This is stainless and fine for sensitive skin because it is allergenic.

While rolling, the skin roller makes a squeaking sound. It is not hard but I find it annoying.

How to use


Disinfect your Skin roller with alcohol or with the Beauty Accessory Cleaning Spray from Swiss Clinics. Then rinse it in boiling water.

Cleanse your skin

Make sure your skin is clean. My favorite routine is first a beauty wipe. Then a mild face wash, cleansing milk & toner.

Remove death skin cells

Scrub your skin after cleansing to remove dead skin cells. Your face is ready for our favorite treatment now.

Skin roller

Roll the skin roller up and down for a few minutes with slight pressure. Horizontal, Vertical and both directions diagonally. I start usually in my neck and finish with my forehead.

Serum & Mask

Apply a serum (massaging) and mask. Your skin now takes up to 300x more the ingredients. My favorite masks are hydration sheets .

After Care

Clean your skin roller again with alcohol or a disinfectant spray and allow it to air dry.

As with any skin treatment, patience is key.

Do not expect to have amazing mind blowing results after a single use.

You can get results, but you have to use the skin roller for a longer period of time.

Swiss clinics recommend to use the skin roller for 5 days and then take 5 days of rest as a treatment.

I personally e each every other   day. So my skin has a day to relax.

To be honest … it is kind of addicting, rolling my skin has becomes a habit and if you know what it does to your skin then you just want to use it over and over!

I noticed improvement very quickly!

I now use it for about a month and a half and see that my skin looks healthier and more radiant. I also find my skin structure improved .

Beauty Guide

Download the skin roller beauty guide

Download the super handy skin roller beauty guide 

telefoon preview



The skinroller is a must have. Do whatever you have to for beautiful skin! The skin roller from Swiss clinics is of high quality, affordable and made by people with knowledge, passion and a mission. And that is enough for me!

It’s all about passion you know!

Hastag kwalification

You can order the skin roller on www.swissclinics.nl.

The 0.2 mm  & 0.5 mm are both  €42

The 0.2 mm is the shorter needle length and is best suited for sensitive or thin skin.

Do you want to tackle scars?

Then it is recommended to choose the 0.5 mm.

The beauty accessory cleaning spray is €12.

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