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Shu uerma introduces BB for your hair



Nowadays everybody owns a BB (Beauty Balm) and it has become a basic item in every woman’s purse.
A bb is the ideal mix and balance between make up and skin care.

L.A Girl Pro Bb Cream in #Medium €7.10

Japanese super brand  Shu Uemura jumps in on this trend and introduces us to the  blow dry beautifers,or in other words BB for the hair.

Shu Uemura especializes in art of of hair,blow dry products.
Their products are made to make the hair smooth,soft and prepares it for a long lasting style.

We could already enjoy the straight forward blow dry oil spray & de air dry perfector from the Art of Hair line.

The straightforward focuses on multi tasking, taking care of the hair on one side and giving the hair the ultimate hold on the other side.
This all with having the perfect blow dry in mind.

Need a little blow dry inspiration ?

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oE60GyLXxXI[/embedyt]


So now Shu Uerma introduces the newest blow dry beautifier,  an BB for the hair. i
Two products are being introduced;

A BB serum-for fine to medium hair,
This contains of small air/water particles which get invisible into the hair.

There is also a BB for thick hair.
This is a cream like consistency which dissolves in damp hair.

Both BB products give the hair  :
– a basic layer around the hair follicle
– gives the hair moist (hydration) without making it heavy
– Softens the hair fiber
-Reforms the look

They also smell really nice.

It is a mix of grapefruit,bergamot and pink pepper with an fusion of  lellies from the valley, peony and violin leaves with a sensual touch of amber, musk and cedar.

I tried both of them and I definitely recommended them
They also feel very lightweight,don’t make my hands sticky and doesn’t make my hair heavy.

Anything which improves your hair while looking fabulous,is in my eyes always  a must !









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