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The 10 best sold eyeshadow palettes


The 10 Best sold eyeshadow

Discover the top ten best sold eyeshadows of all time

These are the classics the most requested eyeshadows and a must have for all beauty lovers. 

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Instead of buying loose eyeshadows, why don’t you invest in a really good eyeshadow palette?
They are made to be combined, save storage and are most of the time gorgeous looking!

I have a huge collection myself and absolutely love all of them.

These are the best Ten eyeshadow palettes sold at Amazon.
That makes them the ten best sold pallets everywhere.

Yes, they have that kind of power and influence & power!

the ten best sold eyeshadow pallets

Nr 10. Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette

This Urban Decay palette consist of 10 bright colors for the ultimate addict.
It is a mix of matte and shimmery.

– Revolt (bright metallic silver shimmer with silver glitters)
– Gonzo (bright turquoise matte with a pearl finish)
– Slowburn (bright red-orange matte with a pearl finish)
– Savage (bright hot pink matte)
Fringe (bright metallic teal)
– Chaos (bright matte blue with a pearl finish )
– Jilted (fbright metallic fuchsia with blue undertones )
– Urban (brght metallic purple)
-Freak (bright green with golden hues )
– Thrash (bright matte lime green with a golden pearl finish)
This palette also contains the Urban Decay  duo brush.
Warning: This palette is not for newbies.

The Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette is available at  Amazon ($49.99)  

Check the video below for some inspiration with this palette from Dulce Candy.

Nr 9. Viseart Petit pro pallete

This palette has 8 gorgeous colors in matte, shimmer and satin.
Unfortunately the colors are not named so you can’t refer to them well.

They are Parisian inspired colors and this palette is perfect for day to night looks.

Available at  Amazon ($55).

Nr.8 Urban Decay Naked 2.

The Urban Decay naked palettes are the best sold palettes…like ever.

They are sold out faster then you can blink.

– Blackout (Black then black and matte)
Booty Call  (shimmery cork)
– Busted
(deep brown with a shimmer finish)
– Chopper
(copper shimmer with silver micro glitters)
(cream bisque with a matte finish)
– Half Baked
(golden bronze with a shimmer finish)
– Pistol
(light grey brown with a shimmer finish)
– Snake Bite
(dark bronzend shimmer with a metallic base 
– Suspect
(pale gold beige with a shimmer finish)
– Tease
(cream pale brown with a matte finish)
– Verve
(oyster with a shimmer finish),
(cool bronze shimmer with a metallic basis)
Ook bevat het de  Good Karma Shadow/Crease Brush.
This is such a good brush to blend, it is one of my favorite brushes to work with.

This pallet is a must have for every girl.
By the way Youtube is full of many make up tutorials of this palette.

It’s a go to for glam.


 Available at Amazon for $72.

Nr.7 Smashbox Cover shot eye palletes.

Smashbox has  7 different editions of Cover shot pallets,.

From warm nudes to matte and smokey. My favorite is #golden hour.

Full with warm colors that makes you glow.
But don’t get it twisted, the other Cover Shot palettes are also very beautiful.

Smashbox cover shot eye pallets are available  Amazon ($35).

Nr 6. Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette.

This Urban Decay palette is a mix of 12 iconic U.D colors.

The colors are especially made for ombre looks.
They are designed per color family.

It is a mix of shimmer and mat.
For the matte colors, it is best you use a primer because the pigmentation of the matte colors are not that high.

This palette has of course true Urban Decay style a great blending brush.

 You can get this palette at Amazon ($55.95)

Nr.5 Tarte -Tartelette In Bloom Clay

Oh how I fell in love when I placed eyes on this palette.
A gorgeous mix of warm nudes,right up my alley.

It has a high pigmentation and the packaging of Tarte is always beautiful.

Tarte is also known for their variety of neutrals which I love.

This palette has 9 matte and 3 shimmery colors.

Charmer (off white)
Jetsetter (warm taupe)
Rocker (shimmering taupe)
Smokeshow (black brown)
Smarty Pants (tan)
Firecracker (bronze copper)
Activist (dark brown)
Funny Girl (champagne)
Sweetheart (peach)
– Rebel (chocolate brown)
-Leader (aubergine)

  It also has a step by step guide.

This palette is available via Amazon ($42) or  Tarte Cosmetics (€42,00).

Watch the video below for a beautiful inspiration look of Youtuber Dina Duhra.

Nr. 4 Urban Decay Naked 3

The big winner in this top ten is no doubt Urban Decay.
What can I say, their palettes are just really really good.
Naked 3 is another must have pallet. I think out of the 3 naked editors,this one if my favorite.

Naked 3 contains of 12 rose based colors.

– Strange (pale neutral pink matte-satin)
– Dust (pale metallic pink shimmer with iridescent micro-glitter)
– Burnout ( light pinky-peach satin)
– Limit ( light dusty rose matte)
– Buzzy (metallic rose shimmer with silver micro-glitter)
– Trick ( light metallic pinky-koper shimmer with tonal micro-sparkle)
– Nooner ( medium pink-brown matte)
– Liar ( medium metallic mauve shimmer)
– Factory (pink/brown satin)
– Mugshot (metallic taupe shimmer with a light pink glans)
– Darkside ( deep taupe-mauve satin)
– Blackheart (smoky black matte with rosy rode micro-sparkle)

Urban Decay naked 3 is available at Amazon ($72)

Nr.3 Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay

Another appearance in this top Ten of Tarte.
This time it is the Tarteist pro amazon clay pallet.

The pro Amazonian clay palette has 20 super pigmented colors.
Perfect for day and night.

Classic (cream)
Innocent (soft peach)
-Whimsy (brick)
– Smoked (dark brown)
– Ethereal (bronze)
-Vintage (ivory)
-Fierce (cool plum)
– No Filter (purple mauve)
-Vamp (deep plum)
– Glam (champagne)
– Chic (pale pink)
– Profesh (taupe)
-Mod (deep cherry)
– Drama (maroon)
– Minx (shimmering mauve)
-Indie (grey)
-Bold (light brown)
– Edgy (chocolat)
-Punk (black)
-Trendy (prismatic teal)

Available at Amazon or Tarte cosmetics for $53.

Nr 2. Too Faced Sweet peach pallete

Peach is hot and so is this pallet.
I dedicated an entire post peach , read the peach life post here.

The Too faced sweet peach palette has soft colors, perfect for a glowy or romantic look.
It has 18 colors, peachy pinks, corals, bronzed and purple.

White Peach (matte vanilla cream)
Luscious (pearl peach champagne)
– Just Peachy (shimmering peachy pink)
– Bless Her Heart (golden moss)
-Tempting (bronzed black)
-Charmed, I’m Sure (matte medium cool brown)
– Nectar (parel peachy cream)
-Cobbler (peachy roze bronze)
– Candied Peach (matte coral with violet shimmer)
– Bellini (gilded peach)
-Peach Pit (satin perfect rasin)
-Delectable (matte smoky amethyst)
-Peaches ‘n Cream (matte milky peach)
-Georgia (matte peachy roze)
Carmelized (dark gilded bronze)
-Puree (metallic dark bronze)
– Summer Yum (matte gingerbread)
-Talk Derby To Me (shimmering black violet)

It has the famous  Glamour Guide of Too Faced, which gives you a how to guide.

The Too Faced Sweet peach pallete is available at Too faced of Amazon for  $49-$68

Don’t forget to read my here my peach on a budget post.

Nr 1. Anastasia Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette

We have arrived at number One.
The  Anastasia Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette is being currently the best sold eyeshadow palette.

The palette has a gorgeous soft pinkish/purple suede cover that holds the 14 gorgeous painters colors.

-Tempera – A matte cream beige.
-Golden Ochre – Earth yellow with a matte finish .

-Vemeer – Pearl shimmery powder pink.

-Buon Fresco – A matte lilac.

-Antique Bronze – Bourgondian chocolate brown with a cranberry shimmer .

-Love Letter – Raspberry with a matte finish.

-Cyprus Umber – An intense matte finish with chocolate brown.

-Realgar – An intense burnt orange with a matte finish.

-Warm Taupe – A soft caramel grey with a matte finish.

-Venetian Red – Rich cranberry with a matte finish and a hint of shimmer.

-Red Ochre – Deep brick red with a matte finish.

-Primavera –  Champagne shimmer.

-Burnt Orange – A matte finish of orange mixed with Sahara’s warmth 

– Raw Sienna – Sand bown with a matte finish.

This is my daily go to pallet.
Use #Burnt Orange in the crease, #Primavera or #Vermeer on your entire eyelid,
and #Antique Bronze in your outer V and voila, you are ready to face the day in glam.

It is a mix of neutrals and berry’s.
The colors are a mix of matte and shimmer.

The  Anastasia Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette is available at via Amazon ($42).

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