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The 60 seconds rule to glowing clear skin


The 60 seconds rule to glowing clear skin

And out the secret to bright, clear & glowing skin in just 60 seconds a day. 

Kylie, you should take notes…

It's pretty simple...

The 60 seconds to rule to glowing clear skin  is ….wash your face for a full 60 seconds instead instead of your usual, uh, 10…

This way the cleanser ingredients really penetrate the skin.

So not like Kylie did … 

You want to give the cleanser a chance to break down and dissolve products and grime.

Cleansing your face for 60 seconds also makes you conscious to clean forgotten places such as — the edges of your nose, under your chin, and around your hairline. Honestly, do you pay attention to these areas?

Sounds simple right? Yet most of us don’t do this at all.

If you are a double cleaning kind of gal (i.e. first using an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup and grime, then using a gentle cleanser to rinse all the residue away), you might wanna do 30 seconds each to prevent drying out your skin.

The 60 seconds rule not only give glowing clear skin, it also gives you softer skin. You get the glow going since it’ll stimulate circulation.

We all really should do it, to make sure our skin is cleansed well.

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So know you know the secret

So how about a 60 seconds challenge. Try it for a month, you got nothing to lose!
Except 60 seconds and the chance of amaing bright clear glowing skin.

Watch the hilarious video Kim Kardahian made mocking Kylie –>


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