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The ancient Chinese beauty tool that is taking over Instagram.


Whats the buzz.

There is a new beauty tool taking over your instagram feed. The Gua Sha facial tool. Elegantly shaped jade and rose quartz crystals that are known as the “natural facelift.” that has been around for centuries. Only recent thanks to the Gram we have come to know about it.

So put your jade roller away and let’s see what this amazing tool is all about.


Gua Sha

 the natural facelift tool

What is it?

The facial gua sha is a tool used in a massage technique that, much like its related family member the jade roller, promises to make your skin look brighter and healthier. Yay!


What does it ?

It promotes blood circulation and natural drainage of the lymph nodes.

It also contours and refines the face, and releases muscular tension . Muscular tensions gives  you a pinched, aged, angry look.

Besides lifting the face many fans report to say it releases jaw pain relief, gives brighter skin and themes headaches.

How do you use it?

It definitely is not like your every day beauty tools that you use instantly. This baby requires a bit more technique. 

The basic technique involves scraping, usually in an upward motion. Long strokes, going upwards and outwards.

Start by placing the flat side of the tool at the base of your neck and stroke upward at a 45 degree angle to the face. You can also place the flat side of the tool on your shoulder or chin and stroke upward to where your jaw and ear meet.

Repeat the steps across your complete face continually in an upward motion.


It is highly recommend to use a face oil before your start this Beauty treatment.

I’m a big fan of the L’oreal extraordinary oil or La Mer – The renewal oil. This makes you skin glow and helps reduces fine lines.


warned beauty by Sara


  • Don’t use this tool if you have any rashes, sunburns, cuts, or blood coagulation issues.
  • Don’t store this in the fridge. By cooling the tool, the cold tends to constrict blood vessels; you actually want to bring the blood to the surface for this technique.
  • Clean your tool with a mild detergent and water every few days and dry promptly.
  • Do not share tools, and if you find you need to sterilize the tool, use a bit of alcohol on a cotton pad and let dry well.


But wait isn’t this exactly like the jade roller? All though it seems like the gua sha beauty tool is said to be  more powerful than a roller.

Once you have the basics down, a gua sha tool becomes like a Swiss Army knife, one tool with a dozen functions and uses. Depending on your pressure, which edge you use, your speed and direction, you can either lift or de-puff, work on surface lines or deep muscular tension.

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