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The lipstick tips you MUST know


The lipstipck tips you must know

lipstick 101

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(vintage Max Factor lipstick ad)

Since the lipstick was used for the first time by the Sumerians 5000 years ago, it is hard to imagine ever living without it. Times change and fortunately we no longer have to go into the forest to find berries to tint our lips (unless you’re a total botanic babe).

Applying lipstick is an art in itself and since big full lips are totally huge, it is not even as simple as just coloring within the lines. With the following lipstick tips  you will become a real lip artist!

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Prevent dark lips

Stain lipstick such as Benefit lip stain or even very bright colors of lipstick can give your lips a long-lasting color even after you have removed your makeup. The pigment can really go into your lips.

This can be prevented by applying a bit of left over foundation with a beauty blender or brush on to your lips before you apply lipstick. This way you not only give them a base, but you also prevent pigments from getting into your lips.

Too late for that and already got dark lips?A cotton pad with the juice of a lemon works miracles! 

Super soft lips

Make sure your lips a super soft before you apply lipstick .

Get rid of dry skin and death skin cells by scrubbing them. You can use a lip scrub or do likeI do. I always scrub them with a glove. You know the ones that are actually too soft for the whole body but perfect for the thin skin of your lips. You can find these everywhere such as on Amazon.

When I remove makeup, I always use a cotton pad dipped in rosewater over my lips. This clean and softens then It also prevents them from drying.
Sometimes I use coconut oil as a lip treatment before I go to sleep.

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Multi task

Een brons of cacao kleurige lipstick kan je redder in nood zijn. Je kunt deze behalve voor je lippen ook gebruiken als contour,in je crease en als eyeliner. En zacht roze tinten kunnen je ook als blush gebruiken!

A bronzed or cocoa-colored lipstick can be your lifesaver. You can also use these a as contour, in your crease and as an eyeliner. Soft pink shades can be used as a blush!

Prevent lipstick from smudging

Of course we all want kiss, eat & laugh proof lips. You get this by powdering your lips prior to a lip liner and lipstick.

Apply powder or a brow wax (transparent) against the outline of your lips. This way you prevent your lipstick from running out.

Also, after applying your favorite lipstick, it is important to ‘blot’ it with a tissue. This way your lipstick you remove the moisture from the lips preventing them to smudge and leave stains.

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Fake fuller lips

What I have been doing for years is putting on a nude / white eye pencil or a brow highlighter on the cupidbow. I also go with a fan brush highlighter over the middle of my lips when I’m done with lipstick. This is a quick natural way to give the illusion with light that your lips are fuller.

This is also part of the lip contour technique.

Make your own

Do not be afraid to mix your eyeshadow with a gloss or Vaseline and make your own unique color. Or mix 2 or 3 colors lipstick for a beautiful look with dimensions. Just try it out!

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