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The secret to cleaning your beauty blender


Flawless blend

A beauty blender gives you that flawless airbrushed look. It is thé must have tool for every woman 

Great for skin care

Who says you can only use a beauty blender for make? It is great for skincare as well.  Use it with your favorite cream. of course nothing beat a face massage by hand.

The importance of cleaning

These magical tools soak up product, bacteria, dirt, and the stuff you’re spraying in the air, like hairspray, like no other. Because all the product you dip it in is located in one damp location, your sponge — if left uncleaned — can lead to major breakouts..

But how do you get these magical sponges called beauty blenders clean? We are talking quick & easy here. We rather spend more time blending with the beauty blender then washing it.

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In Quick

All you need is a regular bar of soap. Rub & scrub your beauty blender alongs the bar of soap and watch the dirt coming out, leaving your beauty blender as brand new.

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